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My Neighbor Seki

Photo Courtesy to the creators of the Anime 'My Neighbor Seki'
My Neighbor Seki (Tonari no Seki-kun - The Master of Killing Time) is a Japanese manga series which was made into an anime aired from January 2014 to May 2014. Synopsis or plot summary is as below (Courtesy to MangaHelper, MyAnimeList, Mangafox, IMDBWikipedia and Tvtropes)

The boy who sits next to Yokoi in class, Seki-kun, is always up to something at his desk. He manages to somehow play very elaborate games without attracting the teacher's attention. From dominos, to shogi, to go, to mecha models, to playing with cats and more, he always has something new to do. Yokoi often finds herself getting reluctantly interested in his games, even though they always seem to end up getting HER in trouble with the teacher!
Wikipedia: The series follows a girl named Rumi Yokoi who is constantly distracted by her neighboring classmate, Toshinari Seki, as he indulges in elaborate hobbies and somehow never gets caught in the process.
Photo Courtesy to the Manga - illustrations of Takuma Morishige - Tonari no Seki-kun
TvtropesRumi Yokoi is a normally studious girl... who sits next to apathetic Toshinari Seki, who spends the day playing his highly creative games. As much as she wants to ignore them, she cannot help but get sucked into his stories and schemes. Hilarity Ensues.
Photo Courtesy to the creators of the Anime 'My neighbor Seki'
My Neighbor Seki - The Master of killing Time (Tonari no Seki-kun) (Winter 2014)
Genre: Comedy, School, Seinen
Episode: 21 (7 minutes per episode)
Available in Japanese and English Audio. (English Subtitles)

Opening Credits of the Anime 'My Neighbor Seki'
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My Views: The 21 episode - 7 minutes anime is an entertaining anime which shows how the protagonist Rumi Yokoi has to deal with her classmate Seki antics on a daily basis. Adding to these are the fact, both of them are back benchers which aids in Seki's elaborate hobbies. The antics by her neighbour Seki who is a perfectionist at whatever endevaour he puts his mind to, gets Rumi Yokoi  absorbed in his story. Monica Rial has done an amazing job in the English Audio version in giving the voice to Rumi Yokoi whose internal monologues play a major part throughout the series.

Ending Credits of the anime 'My Neighbor Seki'
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The Manga series (available in English by Vertical) that started from November 2010 and is still ongoing inspired a Live action adaptation series (8 episodes) that was aired on July 2015 in Japan (Japanese Audio).

'Danran Robot Kazoku' from the anime 'My Neighbor Seki'

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